Frequently Asked Questions

The cost is based on the scale of the project , and the amount of coaching that you require .Send an enquire to find out more .
No Handycoach is not a building company, we are a coaching and consultation enterprise.
Yes, our consultation service can go to the extent of a full project management program, with periodic visits, from start to finish.
Yes Handycoach can attend visits out of Melbourne, of course there are additional fees. We encourage to book a REMOTE CONSULTATION if you are located out of Melbourne, Than if you think that this service is what you need,we can arrange a visit.
Yes, as part of the consultation we will recommend suited tradespeople. Please note, that if you decide to use a tradesperson that we recommend, you will pay them directly.
No , we are not building consultant and we are not authorised to handle permits and building burocracy.
Yes you can reach out, if you still have a few more questions. Please keep in mind that we can provide only so much assistance over the phone, and you might want to consider to schedule another session, which can be arranged at a discounted price.
Handycoach can give you most answers and support, without the need to engage in timely and expansive processes with architects , engineers or builders.
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