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Renovation coach

If you are planning to renovate your home or revamping a space Handycoach can help you . You can arrange a consultation to discuss your renovation project , the ideas that are inspiring you, and visualise what your home would look like. 

Handycoach has over 20 year of experience in building industry , and  knows how to handle a construction project form early planning to final handover.

A trusted opinion from an expert can be very beneficial from a planning stage , to ensure that your home project is on time and on budget.

Home Project rescuer

Handycoach has a remarkable experience in problem solving, and rescuing project that have started wiht the wrong foot.

The excitement of a home renovation project, can lead to poor planning, mistakes and catastrophic consequences . Handycoach can be your project manager , help you with planning and have your home project up and running again. 

If you are a stuck with a project, if you have been let down by tradespeople that you thought you could trust , do not hesitate to get in touch and arrange a consultation with Handycoach.


Custom projects

Do you have an ambitious idea that you’d like to turn in to reality  ?

Something  that you have seen on the internet or on social media and you so want to make ??

Handycoach can assist you and facilitate the designing and making of a broad range of projects. From wood work, cabinetry, metal work , stone work you name it ….. H.C. has the experience and all the connection in the industry to make possible what you though could not be possible.

Handycoach can be your your Renovation Project Manager

                       For home improvement consultation and guidance, call us at 0415 177 218 or schedule a meeting by clicking here.


Linda Ricci Lucchi
Linda Ricci Lucchi
I’ve received valuable advices, at a critical stage of my renovation and I was able to move on. I would highly recommend a consultation with Handycoach.
Vajra Scutari
Vajra Scutari
Handycoach was above all my expectations.. He provided a customised service that matched all my needs with incredible attention to detail and outstanding professionalism. Highly recommend!!

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